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A brow lift surgery is designed to reduce the signs of aging by raising the eyebrows and surrounding skin to smooth out fat deposits and fine lines, which can be present around the forehead and eyes, removing any existing saggy skin. Brow lift procedures are regularly combined with eyelid reduction surgeries to further focus on the eye area, which may give a tired, puffy appearance caused by the excess skin and fat deposits present.

What can be achieved with a brow lift?

To improve the look of your brows and forehead and reduce the signs of aging, a brow lift can:

  • Improve the arch of your brows by elevating their position.
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging to create a smoother brow and upper eyelid area.
  • Improve vision impairment from drooping brows.
  • Create a youthful, fresh appearance.
  • Restore facial volume.
  • Achieve long-lasting results compared to anti-wrinkle treatments.

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How is a brow lift performed?

An endoscopic brow lift is the procedure of choice for most plastic surgeons. It is performed under general anaesthetic, taking roughly two hours to complete and is normally a day surgery. Dr Fraser-Kirk will make incisions in the scalp near the hairline to minimise the appearance of scarring. A miniature camera is inserted in one of the incisions to provide a visual of the underlying brow tissue that requires lifting. An instrument is inserted through another incision to be able to lift the forehead skin from underlying bone. Sutures are then placed under the skin to secure the tissue in its new, smoothed out position.

What can I expect during recovery?

This procedure is considered by most surgeons to be less invasive, shortening the patient’s recovery time. Despite that, patients may still experience bruising, swelling, and pain which is normal after surgery.

General Recovery Instructions:

  • Take sufficient time off work – one to two weeks for most patients
  • Take prescribed medications and lotions
  • Use a cold compress to minimise pain or headaches
  • Attend all post-surgery appointments to monitor recovery

It is vital for patients to follow Dr Fraser-Kirk’s recovery instructions to ensure scarring is minimised were possible, and to help achieve a positive post-surgery outcome. Dr Fraser-Kirk will be available to answer solve any questions or issues patients may have during their recovery.

How much will a brow lift cost in Sunshine Coast?

Costs can vary for each patient due to their individualised needs. It is important that patients attend a consultation with Dr Fraser-Kirk so that he may assess their health and wellbeing, their reasons for surgery, and their desired outcomes of the procedure. If additional surgeries may be required such as facelift, neck lift, or brow lift, this will affect the overall cost. Other factors surrounding procedure costs include surgeon costs, hospital fees, anaesthetist costs, and post-operative fees. Once a consultation has occurred, a detailed estimate of costs will be provided.

If you may have any questions regarding procedure costs, feel free to contact us.

What are the associated risks and complications?

There is always a degree of risk or complication involved with any procedure a patient decides to undergo. The risks and complications associated with a brow lift include:

  • Anaesthesia risks
  • Hair loss around the incisions
  • Itchy or dry eyes
  • Infection
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Poor scarring
  • Elevated hairline
  • Numbness and changes to skin sensation
  • Excessive bleeding

An in-depth consultation with Dr Fraser-Kirk, in conjunction with personalised recovery instructions, will help to mitigate the potential for risks or complications that may arise after surgery.

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